FACA Cell Tower-ROW Task Force

Task Force Charge

The FACA Board of Directors created the FACA Cell Tower-ROW Task Force at its meeting of June 29, 2016 in response to an outgrowth of an emerging statewide issue related to the permitting of cell towers in public rights-of-way. The primary purpose of the Task Force is to research and analyze various issues related to the placement of cell towers in such right-of-ways.


Example Ordinances

Click here to view example ordinances from around the state.


Pertinent Documents

FCC Reply Comments filed by Florida Coalition of Local Governments

FCC Comments filed by Florida Coalition of Local Governments 

FCC Proceeding, Docket 16-421

5G Wireless Bill Would Bulldoze Local AuthorityVirginia Town & City, December 2016

FCC Public Notice

FACA Cell Tower Task Force FINAL Report, January 6, 2017

Leon County Agenda Item on Cell Tower-ROW, December 13, 2016

IMLA Newsletter Regarding Cell Tower-ROW

Crown Castle Letter to Seminole County

FACA Cell Tower Task Force Conference Call Documents - 12/6/16

2016 FACA Cell Tower Task Force Member List - Updated

T-Mobile Memo "Differing Treatment of Colocations and New Builds in Federal Law and Applications to the Rights-of-Way, 10/24/16

FCC Phone Conference - 10/21/16

Memo RE Cell Tower ROW Moratorium - 10/18/16

Cell Tower Right-of-Way Task Force Members Memorandum - 10/18/16

FCC Phone Conference Summary - 10/21/16

Lorenz v. City of Hollywood, 144 Fla. 324 (1940)

State Road Department of Florida v. Furgoli, 123 So.2d 473 (Fla. 1st DCA 1960)

Manatee County Resolution 16-147

Memo from Chair, David Shields, Follow-Up to September 26, 2016 Task Force Conference Call

Putting a Price on Dirt:  The Need for Better-Defined Limits on Government Fees for Use of the Public Right-of-Way Under Section 253 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, 176 Federal Communications Law Journal, Vol. 64  

Federal Communications Law Journal website

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Wall Street Journal Article "Sprint's Wireless Fix? More Telephone Poles

Fierce Wireless Article "Mobilitie Downplays Small Cell Concerns"

RCR Wireless News "Mobilitie to Increase Transparency for Jurisdictions"

City of Orlando Ordinance 2016-39

Memo from Chair, David Shields, Follow-up to August 22, 2016 Task Force Conference Call

August 22, 2016 Task Force Conference Call

Leon County ROW Manual 

Manatee County Attorney's Office Email, August 19, 2016

Lake County Denial Letter

Lake County-Mobilitie Response to Denial Letter

FACERS Response to Information Request by FAC Staff

Sarasota County Mobilitie Presentation

Mobilitie Permit Application - Sarasota County 


Task Force Members

David Shields, Chair

Assistant County Attorney

Seminole County




Diana Johnson, Vice Chair

Assistant County Attorney

Lake County




Paul Chipok

Assistant County Attorney

Seminole County




Jessica Icerman

Assistant County Attorney

Leon County




Roberta Alfonso

Assistant County Attorney

Orange County




Heidi Ashton-Cicko

Assistant County Attorney

Collier County




Ruth Holmes

Assistant County Attorney

Martin County




Joshua Moye

Assistant County Attorney

Charlotte County




David Pearce

Assistant County Attorney

Sarasota County