Amendment 10 Workgroup

Amendment 10 changed the ability of county charters to govern the duties of sheriffs, clerks, and other county officers will require impacted counties to revise some parts of their county government structure.  These counties will have to unravel decades of ordinances, policies and contracts and take into consideration laws and cases developed in recent years.  To assist the eight possibly affected counties, FACA has created a workgroup made up of those county attorneys (or their designees) as well as one small county and two medium non-charter counties.


Counties Affected by Amendment 10










Workgroup Contact Information

Joe Jarone

Assistant County Attorney, Broward County


Jess McCarty

Assistant County Attorney, Miami-Dade County


Jason Gabriel

City of Jacksonville/Duval County General Counsel


Kate Latorre

Assistant County Attorney, Orange County


Courtney Grimm

Clay County Attorney


Andrew Mai

Osceola County Attorney


Michael Dyer

Assistant County Attorney, Volusia County


Herb Thiele

Leon County Attorney


Alison Rogers (Medium County Non-Charter)

Escambia County Attorney


Bob Shillinger (Medium County Non-Charter)

Monroe County Attorney


Donald Conn (Small County Non-Charter)

DeSoto County Attorney


Work Product and Other Documents

Leon County Memorandum to Board: County Attorney Opinion on Charter Provisions Concerning Elections 

GreenbergTraurig Memorandum to Clerk's Association 

Florida Constitution, Article VIII